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4-Needle, Feed-off-the-arm, Flatseamer, Top and Bottom Coverstitch Machine


The MF-3620 Series sewing machine is provided with various functions for easier use and an increase sense of safety to achieve beautifully finished seams with consistency.  The MF-3620 machine prevents oil leakage.  As a result, stain removal work is no longer required to allow the sewing machine to maintain increased productivity.


✦A direct-drive type model has been added:

A servomotor is installed on the machine head for adopting the direct-drive mechanism.

The power consumption has been reduced by approximately 52% as compared with the conventional model.

Since the sewing machine provides superb responsiveness, the material can be contrlled as desired when sewing a curve part.

In addition, the belt-drive type sewing machine (when a servomotor is used) has also had its power consumption reduced by 32%.


Oil leakage is prevented:

The frame is shielded and equipped with mechanism for micro-quantity lubrication and JUKI's unique forced oil circulation.  The thread take-up mechanism arranged on the outside of the arm prevents the entry of oil splashes and dust.

The MF-3620 is also configured with JUKI's unique oil-thrower mechanism to protect the looper section from oil infiltration.  Excess oil is speedly reclaimed via the new oil groove.



Recommended for:

  Men's briefs







Model Name MF-3620U300
Application Light-to heavy weight (knit)
Stitch type (USA) 4-needles, flatseamers, top/bottom coverstitch (607)
Max. sewing speed 4,200 sti/min*
Stitch length 1.6~2.5mm (standard 2.1mm)
Needle gauge 5.2mm, 6.0mm
Needle bar stroke 30mm
Needle FL x 118GCS (#10 ~ #16)
Ratainer needle FLG-8 #8
Lift of the presser foot 6.5mm
Differential feed ratio 1:0.7 ~ 1:1.5
Differential feed adjustment By lever
Lubrication Automatic (frame: minute-quantity lubrication)
Lubrication oil JUKI New Defrix Oil No.2 (equivalent to ISO VG32)
Power req'/consumption 110v
Weight of the machine head 22.5kg (approx. 50 lbs.)


Comes complete: Table, Stand and Motor.
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