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Model GG0028-1L is a 30" arm zigzag machine built on the GG0028 platform. It utilizes a large capacity hook, a parallel vertical needle bar motion for strong striking power and a semi automatic lubrication system to produce attractive stitching with a long service life. It features convenient reverse feeding and easy adjustment of zigzag width (up to 10 mm) and zigzag length (up to 5 mm). It is useful in the sewing of large and medium heavy weight articles such as tents, sails, mattresses (excellent for sewing in labels), hot air balloons and similar articles where a standard length machine does not afford the necessary reach.
  • Max Sewing Speed 1400 rpm
  • Stitch length 5 mm
  • Zigzag width 10 mm
  • Needle bar stroke 36 mm
  • Thread take-up stroke 82 mm
  • By hand 7 mm Presser foot lift
  • By knee 12 mm
  • Thickness to be sewn 7 mm
  • Needle size DP x 35 120-19
  • Lubrication Semi-auto lubricated
  • Working Space 735mm x 115mm
  • Rotating Hook 3 Treble hook
  • Trimming Mode By hand
  • Auto Motor 370W
  • Clutch motor 1400 rpm Servo motor
  • Needle Bar Stroke: 36mm
  • Lift of Presser Foot by Hand: 7
  • Lift of Presser Foot by Knee: 12 mm


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